Branch Concerns

Worried Face

0511-1009-1319-0446 copy

Do you want your branch to continue?

Does your branch fit into any of the following categories?

What are you going to do to rectify your present situation?

1. does your branch have an aging veteran population?

2. is there an increasing number of seniors with no interest from the younger generation?

3. is there a lack of interest in your branch activities?

4. after new members are initiated are they made to feel welcome?

5. when new members join are they willing to serve to help out?

6. has the new member been asked to serve on a committee?

7. is there petty bickering among your membership?

8. does your branch have cliques?

9. is there a lack of leadership in your branch?

10. are Associate and Affiliate members made to feel welcome and are they involved with your branch?

11. is the membership and the general public kept informed regarding branch activities?

12. is there an NEGATIVE environment in your branch?

13. is your branch adhering to the Royal Canadian Legion image?

14. does your branch have a financial problem and how to your intend to rectify the problem?

15. HOW CAN YOU HELP? – You can help by:

a. Introducing yourself when you see someone new in the building, regardless of who they may be.

b. Extending a greeting to other members regardless of your personal feelings for that person/group.

c. Taking time to read the bulletin board when you visit.

d. Come out to functions when you can (and bring a couple of friends)

e. Asking if there’s something you can help with – any help appreciated.


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