Legion Traditions

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What does a Legion tribute mean to you?

What does a “Colour Guard” mean to you?

What does a “Legion Uniform” mean to you?

What does being a “Legion Member” mean to you?

What does serving on a “Committee” mean to you?

Over the years I believe the meaning “Legion Tribute”, “Colour Guard”, “Uniform”, “Legion Member”, and “Committee Member” has taken on a different meaning to branch members. This is readily apparent by the number of members who attend “legion tributes” or take part in a “colour guard” or “wear a uniform” or “serve on a Committee”.

Now I know quite a number of you have your reasons why you do not attend a tribute or take part in a “colour guard” or “wear a uniform” or serve on a “committee” and this information will probably fall on deaf ears. Just think what your branch would be like if most members were involved with branch committees and events. A few members cannot make your branch a success because eventually they will burn out. At present, do you have executive members who have anywhere from three to five positions or do you have positions not filled. This should not happen. Remember the adage, “we who are left must pledge ourselves to hold it high lest we break faith we those who died”. I am referring to the promise concerning the torch. Well, we as present day members have a responsibility to ourselves and to our branch to “hold it high”.

As a member your reason for joining a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion should have been to for “remembrance” and “veterans”.

It has been my observation and not just with this branch that there is no doubt the concept of the “Royal Canadian Legion” is and has changed over the past 20-25 years and will continue to change and I believe supporting the “remembrance and verterans” has gone out with most of the bath water. Most members don’t even think about “remembrance and veterans”. Oh yes, I know quite a number of you make the effort to attend “Remembrance” services but your attendance and involvement would be appreciated year round.

Legion tributes, colour guards, and uniforms are disappearing, sad to say. The interest in these traditional requirements is fast disappearing as it is readily apparent.

No you say, well just ask yourself if you attend “legion tributes” or take part in the “colour guard” or most importantly “wear a uniform” As a branch member do you serve on a committee? What does being a member of the Royal Canadian Legion mean to you?. Do you support the Royal Canadian Legion programs such as: Leadership Training Camp, The Call to Remembrance program or The Student of the Term program.

No one is saying that it is mandatory but would certainly be appreciated for you to attend a “Legion Tribute” or to be part of a “Colour Guard” or to wear a “Uniform” or “Committee Service” however I believe you should have given these traditions some thought when you joined and why you were joining.

Remember, it is not what your branch can do for you but what you can do for your branch


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