Poppy Trust Fund Approval

Poppy Booklet – items requiring approval from Command

Special Use Expenditures

402. Articles A through Q

Housing Accommodations and Care Facilities Support of cadet units
Ex service personnel of commonwealth or allied countries and their dependents Annual veteran visits
Medical training and medical research Personal lifting devices
Drop in centers and meals on wheels Call to Remembrance Program
Relief of disasters Coin sorting machine
Transportation Veterans reading program
Restoration and repair of monuments Canadian military family resource centers

 Special Use Purposes

603. When it is proposed that funds be utilized for “special uses”, as allowed for in Sections 1105 – 1115 inclusive of the General Bylaws, the Poppy Trust Fund Committee is to seek approval for the proposed expenditure at a general meeting of the branch. The date of the general meeting and the motion recommending the expenditure are to be included in the request for approval forwarded to the applicable Provincial Command.


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